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Minimum Requirements – Not Enough

Last week, I spoke to an owner of a Home Health Agency.  I was explaining my consulting services and he said that he just uses the minimum requirements by the state when hiring employees, which includes Texas DPS search for convictions.  I explained that not all counties send their convictions to DPS in a timely basis if at all.  He did not care.  He is following the minimum standards.  His comment stunned me a bit.  I would think that when you are dealing with patients in your care, you would want to excel for excellence in your service and quality.

As an owner of a facility that deals with patient care, hiring employees using minimum requirements, these same employees will follow the same minimum standards culture.  Minimum requirements will go towards patient safety, quality, customer service and other services provided.  I’m sure the families of the patients of this home health agency is not knowingly paying for minimum service for their loved ones.

It makes you think, are these home health owners doing this for the passion they have for patient care or for some other reason; such as government funding $$$$.  The culture of the company flows down from the owner to the employees.  If the owner strives for excellence, then the employees will strive for excellence.  If the owner just wants to get by with minimum standards, then I wish all the best for the patients.