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Thorough Background Checks and Health Care Compliance

Avoid a potential lawsuit at your facility when you choose HR Integrity Consulting, LLC, in The Colony, Texas, to help with the background checks for new hires.

Hiring Practices
At HR Integrity Consulting, LLC, we provide recommendations for hiring managers in the health care industry. Our team goes over the Federal Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) to ensure you are hiring people that have given a release and disclosure form for their background checks. If you do not hire the applicant because of information obtained in that report, the applicant must be given access to the report if that’s the reason you did not hire that person.
Examining Your Procedures
We go over all the hiring background policies of your human resources department. If you don’t have anything in place, we will help create policies to bring you in compliance with state and federal laws. The team also looks over your existing procedures to ensure they are compliant with health care guidelines and rules. We make recommendations for what should be there, if anything is missing.


The safety of your patients and co-workers is our number-one goal. With our services, you stay within state and Federal laws and regulations. In doing so, your reputation as a leader in quality employee and patient care grows remarkably.

Reliable Information
Hire the experienced workers that you need. We help get you the reliable information of potential employees and let you bring on the best.

We hold seminars for large companies. This helps your hiring department know the law regarding the hiring process of health care workers. We also teach you how to choose screening companies and how to accept applications.

Published Studies
Our President has published papers in Texas Hospital Magazine™. Some of the white papers published are on the best practices and background screening procedures. 

Contact us to get the best training for background checks and health care compliance with HR Integrity Consulting, LLC.