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Background Checks
Select the best applicants for the job. At HR Integrity Consulting, LLC, we instruct you in how to conduct background checks and meet state and federal health care compliance laws.

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When it comes to hiring new employees, don’t do so blindly. Contact our business advising firm for assistance in making sure your human resources department has the correct steps in place.

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National Association of Professional Background Screeners™
Texas Association of Licensed Investigators™
Society of Human Resource Management™

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Make sure your human resources department is up to date with the current laws with HR Integrity Consulting, LLC, in The Colony, Texas. We offer business consulting for the health care industry and work with home health care offices, hospitals, nursing homes and other healthcare facilities to ensure the clients and employees are protected. With more than 20 years of business experience, you get the best out of the hiring process from HR Integrity Consulting, LLC.

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Contact our business consulting company to set up a seminar for your human resources department on how to enact hiring procedures.